Ever wondered what it’s like to be in the shoes of someone who is depressed?

I’m not talking “break up sad”, or “I have to say goodbye to the family dog sad”. Not the feeling when you’re a little more than down in the dumps today.. “but if you smile and think positive, it will be all okay”, kind of sad….. DEPRESSED!

Ehh most dont fully grasp it.. but here’s a representation anyway. For the word that’s thrown around so lighting but is such a heavy f*cking burden to carry. THIS is depressed.

To the naked eye, on this day I would appear to be an empty vessel for the most part, starring into space without a care in the world. At dinner time I’d be cruising on auto pilot through prep and cooking – LOL I WISH!

I had every intention to tie more to myself than a toaster, lamp, brick and 2kg bag of rice because it didn’t even come close to how it feels to be depressed. In my defense though I was already feeling pretty heavy. Fighting my way through cutting a carrot. Fathoming the strength to stand just 5 minutes longer through simmering time so I could start the dishes. All in which sound like pretty normal day to day tasks? I dont deserve a pat on the back for this do I? Everyone has to do it.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. I feel so physically and mentally weak. You’d be surprised at how healing and encouraging it is to be rewarded for even the small things is to a weary soul. It can literally save a life, as dramatic as it seems. Dark thoughts often overshadow anything positive in my mind.. in my life, even when things are going…. ok. And a small amount of acknowledgement has swayed me towards a more positive route on a number of occasions.

Depression. It doesn’t go away overtime, if anything it worsens if left malnourished. If you love someone depressed or you suspect a loved one is depressed. Say something uplifting. Don’t question their actions. You may think they’re just being lazy, you may feel stupid or embarrassed for rewarding such simple tasks…. but well done if you do, really! You will bring some light to someone who feels blind. Someone close to giving up. Stability is much easier to find with consistency so try to be patient. It’s frustrating for someone wearing the weight too.

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