I heard an amazing outlook on what life is like as a bipolar the other day in a YouTube video.

“Let’s just say my life was like an elevator, people pushing the wrong buttons and walking in and out at their own convenience” – Saloni Chopra

Boy does she hit the nail on the head with this one!!!!!! I have experienced a lot of this lately. Come to think of it, most of my life.

Unfortunately the reality of it is, some people won’t ever be able to comprehend this, some dont realise how complex and debilitating the human brain because theirs process things different way. Commonly this can cause relationships and friendships to break down, leaving you feeling quite alone.

Heres some tips on how to fill yourself with some happiness and sense of belonging rather than than feeding thoughts to kill or harm yourself. It’s so hard to channel your thoughts and I’m not saying giving these things a go a couple of times will work.. or work at all but try to remember there is someone who will care that you are gone. Even if its a stranger or acquaintance to me, knowing “one of my kind” didnt survive their battle would be devastating.

1) Find like minded people to socialise with. Its amazing how much of this void you can fill by talking with people that fight what you do everyday. Don’t know anyone who does? Message me! I’m a penpal kinda gal lol.

2) Some days you don’t want to soclialise, leave the house or even your bed! By all means, rest if you need, I think its healthy to escape once in a while but if you find it to be a common thing.. too common. Just give an activity a shot. Even if you dread it. Because more often than not you may just end up having a great time.

3) We exhaust ourselves but if youre like myself, your intense personality can also exhaust others around  you. I struggle to be alone sometimes and when I am in those moods, I clinge onto my company for dear life because I dont want to face my reality alone. But its important to show care for those who actually make the effort to care for you.

Examples include:

  • Send them links to blogs or webpages pages if theyre not sure on how to handle you in certain states.
  • Grab brochures on how carers can receive support too from one of your local mental health support facilities to ensure they know who to call if they become too overwhelmed by things.
  • Try to provide them with space and distract yourself if you struggle to be alone like myself. Absence make the heart grow fonder they say – yet to convince myself of this one entirely though. Me, alone, can be chaos. I need more friends haha.
  • Show them gratitude when they are there for you (I understand what its like to forget to do this, I get lost in my racing thoughts and probably dont express it enough). This should be taken into account by your carer of course but dont be too proud to speak up. Saying nothing can come across as ungrateful from my experience so far.
  • Form a safety plan, once progress has been made, develop the plan by adding new strategies or creating agreements between you and the people involved in your safety plan.
  • Provide your carer with the contact information for all of your doctor’s or specialists. It’s important in case of an emergency but it is also beneficial for a three way relationship to be formed with your spouse and doctors so lines of communication are clear.
  • Ask them how they’re going? Because their wellbeing is important too.
  • Introduce a mediator or consider counseling, to help interprete what you are going through if you’re having difficulty doing this.

3) Be willing to want to help yourself. Which isn’t a switch you can just turn on. At the moment my willingness is turning on and off so fast it looks like I’m at a Disco or Club. I’ve gotten to a point where I’m just sick of not being able to function well… or at all. The mental health system is difficult to break into.. my advice is be persistent, annoyingly persistent. Or join health help groups like:

  • GROW Group Meetings
  • MIFSA (I’m currently doing a workshop on Emotional wellbeing but they hold tones of activities and workshops there)
  • United Care Wesley
  • Local Community Groups

4) Embrace new things in life. Do a new activity or visit a new place you’ve not been before. Find something you enjoy doing to lift your mood. The novelty of something new can be surprisingly rejuvenating.

  • Cook something or take cooking lessons
  • Pack up and go camping
  • Go on a random road trip
  • Painting or art therapy
  • Tick items off your bucket list! You deserve it no matter how pathetic you may feel.

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