Initially I thought that mindfulness was a pointless task. At desperate times though I gave it a shot, and I have been some pretty desperate times lately. 
This opinion was until recently though, I busted myself doing it without even thinking about doing it and realised how much I actually use this method to stay calm or to deal with stress, anger, urges to binge eat, drink or self medicating.

Give it a go guys and if it doesn’t work keep giving it a go, trust me! Mindfulness is a powerful tool so I found out accidently. Bring yourself into the present moment, tune the static in your head out, change the channel!!

When to use mindfulness?

  • High stress situations
  • If you feel overwhelmed or anxious
  • If you’re overcoming addiction
  • When something or someone has angered or frustrated you
  • During those days of emptiness
  • While you are eating, cleaning, driving; anytime.

Some different mindfulness techniques to try:

  • Meditation or guided meditation. There are plenty of YouTube videos or apps you can get on your phone for this. Personally I found guided meditation is it good starting point for me so I actually knew what to focus on
  • Practice different ways of breathing. Breathing is a big one, maybe try some of these:

– Take close notice of the temperature of your breath as it enters or leaves your body.

– Inhale deeply and slowly and then exhale with great speed and force imagining that negativity is leaving your body

– Hold your hand out in front of you and use your other hand to trace around your fingers. As you trace up your finger; breath in, as you trace down the other side of the finger; breath out. Repeat with every finger.

  • Put some relaxation music, or one of your favourite songs. Close your eyes or lay down in a dark room and lose yourself to the music. You may like to try listening for a certain instrument and ensure that you pull all of your focus onto only that instrument. If you find yourself listening to other parts pull your attention back.
  • I sometimes find it hard to meditate so I find that channeling my thoughts into something I love doing is it helpful method. Mentioned in my previous post art therapy is what I love to use.
  • Bring it back to the basics. Notice the very basic things in life, like the sound of the wind, the feeling of sand between your toes, watching the clouds or the stars in the sky, the sweetness of the chocolate you are eating, the warmth of your blanket, how water ripples when you throw pebble into it.

Mindfulness does not make you happy but it does strengthens your ability to be able to deal with what life throws at you. It helps you stay composed enough to process and resolve things.

Instead of having a mind ful… try be more mindful

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