Don’t let your illness define you! Mention that it has an impact on your life, because you have nothing to be asshamed of; but remember, it is not YOU.

People that put you in the “crazy” box everytime you don’t meet their expectations, when your behaviour doesnt fall in the “norm” category. They can leave us hungry for validation, gratification, approval… We look for trust in others, but how much do we trust ourselves? Bring yourself back to that question!

Do you trust that you can overcome anxiety? Do you trust that you can get out of bed and face the world? Do you trust that you can be on time? Do you trust you won’t fudge something up? Do you trust that you can take accountability for your own behaviour without passing the buck?

If we have a negative view on ourselves, it can impact our recovery and relationships. We crush our ability to trust ourselves when we doubt ourselves, when we blame others. If you trust yourself, you can disern other peoples actions. Don’t give them the power! You’ll find that can become quite contagious and you won’t need to depend on the approval of others so much.

Trust and have confidence that you can succeed, that you can have people rely on you, that you can be honest with yourself, that you make a good judgement call on who you let in.

Trust that you can be what people say you can’t be! ♡


  1. Gday I’m the lad who pulled over at lockhill to see if you were ok. Looking at and reading your blog makes me think you would have a great carrier in web page design perhaps when you get back on your feet this could be something you might consider looking into. Anyway wishing you all the best with your new start in life, chin up and good luck.


    1. Thank you Dave. My Passion is mental illness. I cant take credit for the layout as most of it was a template. However i do love graphic design too. Jill of all trades haha


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